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Los Angeles Food Policy Council
Mapping tools to be used to analyze a variety of production and consumption trends throughout the Los Angeles regional food system, California and nationally.

Cultivate Los Angeles: Assessing the State of Urban Agriculture in LA County
A 2013 University of California Los Angeles Master of Urban and Regional Planning Comprehensive Capstone research project meant to assess the state of urban agriculture in Los Angeles County. In 2016, the Cultivate L.A. map was updated by researchers from UCLA and UC Cooperative Extension Los Angeles. The research presented on this website and in the report (available for download) aims to provide an understanding of the nuances of urban agriculture in Los Angeles that have not previously been documented.


LA Energy Atlas
A first of its kind interactive website built with the largest set of publicly available disaggregated energy data in the nation.


Los Angeles Water Hub
An interactive map visualization and data repository of water consumption in LA County. Produced by the California Center for Sustainable Communities at UCLA.

urban density

Density Data: Census Tracts
How close to each other should people live? How close to each other do people live? Density is often distilled to simplistic statistics, like units per acres, or people per square mile. These simplifications the diverse ways that patterns in housing, open space, family structure and transportation interact. This site presents data, maps and text for each of the nation's 70,000 census tracts as a tool for urban planners and others to explore patterns in density.

los angeles 

Los Angeles County GIS Data Portal
Collaborative acquisition program for digital aerial imagery data which has included the participation of 30+ County departments, 40+ municipalities, and many other public agencies.

Los Angeles GeoHub
The city's new public platform for exploring, visualizing, and downloading location-based Open Data. You can also analyze and combine Open Data layers using maps, as well as develop new web and mobile applications. 

Los Angeles Open Data
Information, Insights, and Analysis from the City of Los Angeles.