management of research

UCLA Data Science Center (formerly UCLA Library Social Science Data Archive)
Data Archive staff and researchers work as partners throughout all stages of the research process, beginning when a hypothesis or area of study is being developed, during grant and funding activities, while data collection and/or analysis is ongoing, and finally in long term preservation of research results. Our role is to provide a collaborative environment where the focus is on understanding the nature and scope of research approach and management of research output throughout the entire life cycle of the project.


UCLA Science and Engineering Library
The Science and Engineering Library (SEL) comprises two locations: SEL/Boelter (main location) in 8270 Boelter Hall and SEL/Geology in 4697 Geology Building. The SEL collections include more than a half a million print volumes, subscriptions to nearly 5,400 print or electronic journals, over 55,000 e-books, and a large collection of online technical reports. The library also provides access to online databases covering each physical science and engineering discipline.