The stipend trainees will be doctoral students supported by the program for up to one year with promised full-support from the NRT faculty advisors or their departments for the remaining years. This model will (i) foster synergy of the program with ongoing research activities, (ii) ensure that funds for research equipment and supplies - not provided by the NRT program - will be available for the successful completion of the trainees’ studies, and (iii) build a large group of strong trainees dedicated to the program for four years. Stipends will be granted to students with a truly interdisciplinary vision and two clearly identified co-advisors from different schools and fields, who agree to work together in co-advising the trainees.

The non-stipend trainees will go through the same application and selection process as the stipend trainees, but will receive financial support from their academic advisors or other sources (e.g., fellowship, teaching assistantship). They will pursue a M.S. or a Ph.D. degree in STEM, and will be fully involved in FEWS research, classes, programs, and activities of the NRT program.

Flowchart of a UCLA M.S. or Ph.D. NRT trainee's experience.

benefits to the trainees

1. Perform world-class interdisciplinary research.
2. Be part of a select group of talented graduate students.
3. Receive personalized career development advice.
4. Participate in a 10-week FEWS internship.
5. Attend FEWS Communication course and workshop.
6. Attend FEWS Field Lab Seminar course.
7. Receive a Leaders in Sustainability Certificate.
8. Brown bag FEWS seminar series, including Business and Entrepreneurship workshops.
9. Participate in the production of social media series,
Fews and Far Between”.
10. Participate in community outreach.

Nanoscale device that mimics the structure of tree branches. Image courtesy of  UCLA MAE Professor Tim Fisher's Research Group.


1. Graduate students applying or enrolled in Engineering, Physical Science, and Life Science at UCLA.
2. Degree objective: MS or PhD.
3. Domestic and International students can participate. Stipend students must be US Citizens. Underrepresented minority students are encouraged to apply.