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How clean is LA’s water? INFEWS Trainees head to Los Angeles Aqueduct Filtration Plant to find out!

There is a public stigma that tap water is not fit for drinking. And given the experiences of people in third world countries battling bacterial and viral infections to residents in Flint, Michigan being exposed to high levels of lead and other pollutants from water contamination, can you really blame anyone who feels this way? Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), however, claims that the tap water in the City of Los Angeles is safe for consumption and is, in fact, held to a higher standard than bottled water.

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Hyperion: Making Waste Water Sustainable

Stepping off the bus at a wastewater reclamation plant, you expect to be in for a mundane tour. This tank is here, that pipe is there, this is what we do, here are our goals, any questions? No? Perfect, have a great day. That last thing you expect is the shear enthusiasm and depth of information we saw in the staff, especially tour guide Nancy Carr.

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