UCLA Edible Campus
Zachary Hern (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Benjamin Hoar (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

Watts Community Healing Garden
Marvin Browne (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) and Sophia King (Chemistry and Biochemistry)


Veterans’ Garden Soil and Irrigation
Jack Hoeniges (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) and Priera Panescu (Chemistry and Biochemistry)

UCLA Water Reclamation
Victoria Basile (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Tiphaine Galy (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

UCLA Living Lab and Veterans’ Garden Design
Jenny Deng (Chemistry and Biochemistry), Ujash Shah (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), and Jason Timmons (Materials Science and Engineering)

UCLA Organics Waste
Mackenzie Anderson (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Patricia McNeil (Materials Science and Engineering)

Veterans’ Garden Healthy Foods
Kathleen Chen (Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Yi Shen (Chemistry and Biochemistry)