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Waste Awareness Week

Waste Awareness Week is a week-long sustainability event that specifically tackles the impact of waste mismanagement on the environment. The Renewable Energy Association at UCLA, along with a number of sustainability, environmental justice, food insecurity, and artistic organizations, are collaborating to create a number of events that:

  • Expose students to the gravity and scale of the global waste crisis.

  • Discuss the various social, economic infrastructural and environmental causes and consequences of the crisis.

  • Empower students to make informed decisions and lifestyle changes that can mitigate this crisis.

The week will consist of a large variety of events that will appeal to all corners of our diverse campus. From interactive games, workshops and panels, to collaborative art shows, movie screenings and a panel, Waste Awareness Week hopes to engage all students and push them to think more critically about their waste generation habits, the single-use culture and linear economic systems that enable them, and the out-of-sight-out-of-mind mentality that blinds them to the true consequences of this global crisis. By collaborating with a large number of student groups, we also hope to plug UCLA students into the community of organizers who are working relentlessly on this issue, and tackling it from every possible facet. As the university approaches the deadline of our zero waste by 2020 goal, we hope that this event will be the final catalyst that empowers our community to meet this goal, and allows us all to live more sustainably at UCLA and beyond.


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